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Finally Apple starts to listen to its users: the iOS 15 reversal proves it!


Has Apple being listening to its consumers?

Well, even though Apple had been one of the most renowned brand, it did not had a particular consumer-centric approach. By no doubt it had been delivering to its consumers the best, yet the entire decision making process did not involved the say of the consumers.

Steve Jobs believed that the consumers are not aware of what they want. And Thus  they shall be trusting Apple with the choices.

Such a philosophy of the company led to a closed ecosystem. This was very much clear from their App Store review procedure, their clear direction for the accessory makers and no option of software customization.

Whilst this approach has made Apple one of the most popular technology giants of the world with a market value of more than $2 trillion, it has also started to create problems for the company.

Mistakes Apple has made in past!

While we all remember how much hype Apple would get on launch of each of its products ranging from smart phone to laptops and the remarkable sales it had made. Apple, has by no doubt made some serious blunders.

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The 2015’s butterfly keyboard introduced by Apple were noisier and were prone to breakage. Lawsuits were filed against them and finally after 4 years they had to admit that in take of making thinner laptops they had ended making uncomfortable and unreliable keyboards. They had to forgo the butterfly keyboards.

The iPhone 4 had an issue with the Antenna which Apple said was being given undue limelight. Yet, Apple also gave free cases to its users and than in the following year resolved the issue.

The 2016’s MacBook Pro has a touch-screen strip for quick functions. For 5 years the professionals complained for having a non-digital function row, Apple is finally convinced to remove it in the next version.

It shows that sticking to the approach of catering consumers without their say has been creating problems for the company.

Yet, the company has learnt from the past and the new update just shows it!

What’s new in the iOS 15 release?

The first and the most prominent change for the iOS  15 is that they have changed the design of the Safari web browser. The address bar in the iOS 15  shifted from the top to the bottom of the screen. A change users will observe after 15 years!

Another rare thing that has been introduced by Apple is the two distinct interfaces for a core app. The more rare thing about is that it was done after users complained about it! Well yes Apple has finally started to listen to its users!

In past, Apple would have reverted back to the old interface after blaming that there was no issue and people were creating a fuss. Yet now Apple has changed it before releasing it just after listening to consumers!

Delays in the iOS features is not something new though. We have seen delays for the iOS 15 as well. The SharePlay had been an interesting addition to the iOS 15.

However, Apple should go for a better strategy here. Rather than always facing the delays, it shall make announce the new features than trying to roll them out together.

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