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TikTok is launching mini-games!


TikTok is launching mini-games as part of innovation!

Is TikTok launching mini-games?

In order to be innovative and to keep the users hooked with the application, TikTok is introducing HTML 5 mini-games.

According to the media sources, TikTok claims that they are looking forward to enriching its platform. Testing of features is done on regular basis. TikTok is looking forward for bringing HTML5 games. This is possible after getting integrated with the third party. Tik Tok is integrating with game developers.

Reports claim that TikTok has integrated with game developers. Who are the third party! Soon, TikTok will be realizing mini-games. People will be able to enjoy games as they browse the videos.

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Who is the third party?

TikTok is partnering with different third parties for the purpose of launching games. These, according to various media sources are Vodoo, Lotem, FRVR, Nitro Games, and Aim Lab.  

While the third-party rumors are on the media since the start of the year. Especially after Zynga partnered with TikTok to launch Disco Loco 3D. Now, on-app games will give a competitive edge to TikTok.

will which is a game similar to Zynga’s other popular title High Heels. TikTok has now partnered with a lot more developers and studios and there are still discussions going on to bring more to the table.

Once the feature is implemented, it will certainly give TikTok an advantage over its competitors.

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