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Top 5 educational applications for android you need to have with you!


Smart phones and android applications are one of the best combination that has been known to me. A smart phone without android application is barely nothing; how much time can one spend on calls and message? And then what is the purpose of having smartphones?


Yet, android applications are not only meant for entertainment. Your phone shall have something more than a hub of fun applications like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, photo-editors and Twitter. You can make your phone an educational device that tends to stay with you were ever you go.

Smart and wise people do not waste their time and never let an opportunity of learning get wasted. Your android phone can now become your best pal for learning.

  1. Amazon Kindle

The application is free, however the books and reference guides shall cost you. However, readers are satisfied with it as it has number of books and reference books that do not take much space on your mobile. Also, such books are easy to carry and one can read them any time.

  1. Coursera

It is a great online school which tends to spread over number of lessons and classes. They tend to give you a certificate at the end of a completion of course. It is a free application yet you might have to pay for a course or a lecture.

  1. Duolingo

Learning languages was never so easy and fun before Duolingo. This application will help you learn languages with simple games and that is way too much fun. Duolingo is a free application with some in app-purchases.

    4. Khan Academy

The most popular among Youtube users is Khan Academy. It is an application that tends to hit over multiple subjects and their mode of teaching is videos. They have made short educational videos that are simple to understand on topics like math, science, physics, economics and more.

     5. PhotoMath

Mathematics problems can now be solved using PhotoMath. It is a free application that would help the users master math. It uses camera to sneak into the equation you write and then tends to solve that equation in a step by step manner.

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