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WhatsApp to roll out its new feature soon

WhatsApp a widely used social media messaging app will soon roll out its new feature called “Expiring Messages”. The WaBetaInfo has shared the news that the new WhatsApp feature is being developed within the latest beta. The WhatsApp new features sound quite amazing and unique.

WhatsApp new feature idea

The idea to launch this new feature in Whats-App is taken from the Whats-App alternative messaging app Signal. However, no official news about the time to launch this new feature has been announced. No one is sure when the new feature will be launched.
The new feature will be available for both Android and IOS devices. People can get a chance to enjoy the new feature soon.

The new feature will be called Expiring messages

The new feature will be known as ” expiring messages“. This feature allows its users to set the time duration of any of their messages or conversation to get removed automatically without his/her consent. The message will disappear from the conversation after the time duration set by the user. Some unconfirmed sources have claimed that the new fearure can also be named “auto-deleting messages”.

How Signal app works for expiring messages?

The Signal app users can set the time duration for any conversation or message to auto-delete from the chatbox from 5 seconds to one week. However, users can take screenshots of the messages before it gets permanently deleted. There is not any facility launched that could stop the users to take the screenshot of the conversation.

How will WhatsApp’s new feature work?

According to some reports, Whats App will offer a fixed timeframe of one week i.e 7 days for auto-deleting the messages.
whatsapp new feature

WhatsApp future coming features

Perhaps the new “expiring messages” feature is a great feature for all the WhatsApp users, but WhatsApp has also planned several things for the future. Besides this, Whats-App has also planned to launch new features to inspire its users like;
  • WhatsApp is working on extending end-to-end encryption to cloud backups
  • WhatsApp is also looking forward to introduce a mute forever option for its users to mute the unwanted notifications all the time.

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