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The Largest Flash Drive – Kingston’s 2 Terabyte Flash Drive


We have seen external Hard drives, the size of a wallet, that have become trending and people are using it in abundance. Transferring large amounts of data and games are now done through external Hard drives rather than Flash Drives. As we discussed earlier, the Flash Drive or the SSD (solid state drive) are faster than the Hard disk drives. But then again, they have the issue of small storage and high cost. Well, Kingston’s 2 Terabyte Flash Drive has certainly solved the issue of small storage.

Kingston’s Reveals 2 TB Flash Drive

Yes, that’s right, Kingston came up with a 2 Terabyte Flash Drive having a USB 3.1 connectivity. It is called the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT 2TB. You can write data at a speed of 300 MB/s and read data at a speed of 200 MB/s from it. The USB has a bulky shape as compared to others but the capacity it is offering is far greater, so one can make do with it. The USB is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 9 and 7 and can also run on Mac OSX, Linux and Chrome OS. The downside of the flash drive is its extremely high price tag of around $1200 – $1300. It was released with a price tag of $1650.

Terabyte Flash Drive
Kingston 2 Terabyte Flash Drive

Kingston has 1 TB Flash drive Too!

Previously, Kingston released the 1 TB Flash drive, HyperX Predator 1 TB, which has a USB 3.0 and one could buy that for half the price. It has a heavy look, but you can still replace your previous USB with this one without much trouble.

1 TB Flash Drive
HyperX Predator 1 TB

Both Flash Drives have a zinc alloy die-cast metal casing
that makes it shock resistant. This feature
is currently available in almost all portable hard disk drives.

Kingston also offers a 5-year
with free technical support which is impressive.

The Best Flash Drive choice for Gamers

If we put aside the Terabyte flash drives from Kingston, which still have limited users in the market, mainly those having a job that requires such large amounts of data to be transferred or gamers. People who enjoy playing video games on PCs are always copying games from their friends’ PCs. Also, copying movies and songs can also be a reason for using a large portable memory. All of these tasks have been taken over by portable Hard drives, but we think that this might not be for too long.

The 512 GB Flash Drives
are generally less expensive and are being used widely. Some of the good ones include
the Kingston Digital HyperX Savage
which is around $250. It sports USB 3.1/3.0
having a scorching 350 MB/s Reading
speed and a 250 MB/s writing speed
. Another impressive 512 GB flash drive is
the Corsair Flash Voyager. It features
USB 3.0 and has reading and writing
speeds around 300 MB/s. it is also
available for the same price as the Kingston Digital HyperX Savage ($250).

Kingston Digital HyperX Savage

Corsair Flash Voyager


However impressive the Terabyte flash drives might seem, they are still quite expensive. It will take time for things like these to get cheap, but till then if you can compromise on carrying some weight with you, you can get the same speed from an external SSD drive. An external SSD offers the same (and sometimes even more) speed than the flash drive. You can buy a 1 TB external SSD for around $250 to $300. So, if you can make do with a bit of weight and area, the external SSD drive can save you a lot of money. Be sure to read our SSD vs HDD comparison if you don’t have a clear picture about SSDs and HDDs!

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