August 15, 2020

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The 10 Best Android Applications

  1. Evernote

Evernote is an application which makes note taking easy and fun. It offers a variety of formats which allows you to add photos, videos, audio and sketches to your notes. It offers home screen widgets so that you can access your notes quickly without any hassle.


  1. MX player

The most smooth video player app available on the Playstore. The application is free from bugs and supports almost all the primary video and audio file formats. It allows you to add custom subtitles and also edit their timeframes in case they are not going along with the video. The application offers a seamless experience with gestures to zoom in/out, control volume and forward or reverse a video.


  1. Unified Remote

The best remote control app available on the playstore. Unified remote lets you control your PC with your phone. It uses Bluetooth or Wifi to remotely control your PC. The application supports Windows, Linux and Mac and is loaded with 90 programs. It requires installation of a server program in order to function.


Alongwith with features like screen mirroring and media control, devices like Raspberry pi and Arduino can also be controlled with this remote control app.

  1. LastPass

A password manager app which stores all your passwords and personal information in one place. The application can also generate new complex passwords at the time of signing up for some account and store it for later use. The app has a helpful feature of filling up personal information and password automatically when required.


  1. Shazam

Listening to music on the radio or somewhere outside and want to know the name? Shazam is a music recognition app that instantly identifies the music playing in the surrounding. The user only has to open the app and let shazam listen to the music for a few seconds. It will then provide you with the details of the song.


  1. Automate

A task automation app that allows you automate your android device. It uses simple flowcharts for the automation. It has features like initiating a task depending on the location of your device or battery level etc.


  1. Tiny Scanner

A scanner app that helps you scan the documents and save them as a PDF or image file. Users can take advantage of the features like adjusting page sizes, color, gray-scale, sorting scanned images and protecting them with a password.


  1. Spotify

A music streaming app which helps you access a wide range of good quality music. It allows you to make your own playlists and sync tracks so that you can access them offline as well.


  1. MyFitnessPal ; calorie tracker

If you are motivated to get in shape then you need to download this app. It estimates the calories you intake from a meal and also highlights the limit of the intake per day.


  1. Food network

An application which stores millions of different recipes. Search for something specific or browse through the recipes to find something new and exciting. A must have app for food lovers!

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